Отзывы наших студентов
(2008-2009 учебный год, 1 семестр)

Синицына Мария
Костромская обл., г.Волгореченск

    Dear creators of the Bensons courses!
    First of all I would like to thank you for such a magnificent English course! It is probably the best way of learning English I have ever dealt with. Using modern technologies, the Internet in particular, you've combined the efficiency, comfort and pleasure, which is especially important for us, teenagers! Look, it's really much more interesting - to listen to a virtual book, to look through the pictures, let alone role-play! I can say I quite like all the technical ideas.
    In autumn, when I decided to take up this course, I didn't expect it to be SO interesting and original! You've made quite a unique thing, I must admit! It's fantastic - you learn English listening to a book, to a very interesting book! The story is pretty exciting and touching, listening to some episodes I was about to cry, you know! And the music:it fitted the plot perfectly, and I got a real pleasure listening to all the melodies. As far as the plot is concerned, I am very happy with it - the events always kept me in tension: what will happen next? Who is to blame for all the misfortunes of Bensons? Arnold? Or someone else?.. You know, I adore the feeling when you are anxious and curious to find out something about the following events! But you should be strict to yourself and not to listen to next parts earlier that it is needed. Of course, I was delighted with the ending - everything was surprising, but all the things became clear.
    The illustrations to the story were also very interesting and beautiful, even my mum liked it ;) the artists are very talented; they could get the thoughts and feelings of the heroes across.
    Of course, this course gives the students very good command of English: the vocabulary is rather big and gives both colloquial variants of speech and a plenty of specific lexicon (I mean some words and phrases of law speech). To my mind, the system of tests is also good: we are given an opportunity to check ourselves and not for once. Listening comprehension is a pleasure: you may listen to the recordings for several times if you need it. So, I guess your course has more benefits that disadvantages. The only one thing that made me feel a bit uncomfortable - the schedule of work is very strict and pressed. Sometimes I had not enough time to finish my work.
    However, I'm very glad that I took up "Bensons" - the course has given me wonderful possibilities to learn more about English culture, to fill some gaps in my knowledge of English grammar and just to spend my time with great pleasure and benefit! Of course I can't help mentioning my tutor - Julia Leonidovna, it was very nice and funny to talk with her on Skype! I'm very pleased with my teacher!
    In conclusion I'd like to say that you've made a great thing for English learners! I will advertise it to all my friends who want to study English! Thank you very much once more!!

Гусева Светлана

    I can hear the final sounds of the narrator's voice. And this familiar music: How difficult it is for me to say goodbye to Peter and his family, also to Arnold. I didn't believe him during the whole story, but he turned out to be a very nice man. Moreover he seemed to help Peter, though I had thought in a different way. It is really a fantastic story about the Bensons! Nevertheless, I'd like to speak about those who created this course!
    Thank you so much! I have never had such a big pleasure in learning English! Your course includes everything!
    Firstly I have learnt to write articles and detective stories, to express my opinion, to use English to express it. In school I can't do all these things.
    Secondly, my spoken English has become better, than it was before the course - thanks to Julia Leonidovna (my tutor). She is the best teacher of English I have ever had in my life! She is kind and can explain everything that I don't understand. Also, I'd like to say hello to Tony from the UK - he is an excellent person and friend! I hope to see you later in the future! Moreover, I have learnt a lot of things that can be used in the spoken English. They are idioms and catch phrases. These days I am trying to use them in my speech at school and so my teacher is often pleasantly surprised!
    Then, I have reached a great success with my Grammar. The course makes us learn the rules of English and controls the results. And, I think, it is a very comfortable way to learn English! The course has really helped me anyway!
    Nevertheless, there were some negative things in the course. It's a pity that the official forum was locked for a long time, but recently I decided to enter the forum and found that it began to work, though I entered it several times during the course... I was shocked, of course... And I had to write articles and answers to the questions for the whole evening, although I could have written them all earlier. But I understand that the system must have gone wrong...
    To sum up, thank you very much! I'll never forget the time of the course! I got a lot of friends and experience! I'd like to communicate with them in the future.

Серазидинова Сабира

    I've never come across such a kind of studies, although the teachers in my school have always been very inventive. It's been a pleasure to study this course. The story combines both exciting plot and emotional narration. I was eager to hear every following episode.
    I've already mentioned that I liked the story itself and the way it's been told. I also enjoyed the texts about the life in Great Britain -- "Cultural Studies". I've learned a lot of information which has strengthened my opinion that British life differs a lot from ours.
    The hardest part of the course (for me) was a large number of assignments and forum tasks. Sometimes it's very difficult to express your knotty thoughts in the native language, to say nothing of doing the same in English! But this sort of activity has improved my English most of all, I think. It requires plenty of time and patience but it always gives you a lot of benefit and skills in return.
    I can't see any serious disadvantages of the course, which would have spoiled the whole process. It was a pity that Cultural studies appeared more and more seldom and finally disappeared. These texts have been real adornments of every module. Cultural Studies in the last episodes could have been devoted to criminality in Britain and to British police entirely, for example.
    I also have had difficulty with tasks in which I had to fill in the gaps with correct words. When I couldn't find an appropriate word or expression, there was no possibility to learn the right answer.
    Except for these little cavils, the course is a happy choice for everybody. I'd like to thank all the people, who have created the course and who maintain it.

Александр Лебедев

    I liked the course very much. The story of Bensons family is exciting and thrilling. During this course I, myself, became a member of this family. Grammar drills were sometimes very difficult and sometimes just like normal exercises. Practicing my skills in grammar in this course helped me very much, I learned much new. I liked the system that when you press the button "get results" the window with your results doesn't close and you can do those exercises that you've done incorrectly again and not the whole test. But it wasn't so in the REVISION tests, where the window with the results changed the window with test and doing the test once again takes too much time. The system of writing assignments is also very helpful, because it's a creative task and it develops the skills in writing essays before our state exam, where the 4th part is writing.
    Also there were exercises "cultural studies" which were very informative and helpful, but they were too few (about 10 or lesser). I copied all these texts to my computer but I wish there were much more texts. The story of Bensons is very exciting, as I've said, it is divided into episodes which are almost of the same length, but what I didn't like was the quantity of the last episodes: three-four parts in each! Some modules were opening and closing during the week and that was really difficult. But the majority of the episodes were opened at the weekends. I think that the greatest part of the course was the on-line discussions with tutor. One problem is that I have a very bad quality of internet connection, so sometimes it was difficult to hear and to be heard.